Tree of Life

Even though death is as normal to our lives as birth, it is a difficult topic to discuss as it can be painful and filled with sorrow.

The entrepreneurial project, Tree of Life, aims to open up the topic and offer an alternative to traditional ways of leaving this existence.

The project has three focal points

The Freedom of Choice – Respect – Environmental awareness

Which divide the project into three parts:

Personal database

Online memorial

Crematorium and planting of the ashes with a tree

We emphasise that the individual has a choice as to what happens to their earthly remains upon their death and for them to be able to register their final wishes in a personal database.

We want the memory of our loved ones to live online where we have the option of writing them messages and seeing messages from others.

We want to have a beautiful place in nature where trees will resemble a life that was, into a life that is, as we want to bury the ashes with trees outside of traditional cemeteries. The trees will grow in Memory gardens where families can gather to see the growth of a tree that a loved one rests under and memorise their loved ones out in nature.